Since We Last Wrote…

I have no recollection of what all has happened since my last post nearly a week ago.

That’s not entirely true. In the last five days:

  • The Boy has had his surgical bandages removed and a cast installed – more security, but less mobility.
  • We found out that we narrowly missed an electrical fire from a malfunctioning outlet in our master bathroom.
  • We also found out that we had a hazardous breaker box in the garage – several thousand dollars later, we’re relieved that the house won’t burn down. From that anyway.
  • I still have a cough.
  • The Boy has learned three new tasks/skills at his new job.
  • We’ve had plenty of family time on the couch.
  • Falling asleep during family time has given me an awful crick in my neck. Neck crick: Day 2.

We’re hanging in there. 2012 has definitely been one of the more challenging years I’ve experienced.

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