Giving Thanks

My Facebook feed seemed filled with thankfulness during November – a daily “thankfulness” project that many of my friends participated in.

I didn’t. But that didn’t mean I wasn’t thankful. I was just overwhelmed…maybe a little too overwhelmed and distressed to think about being thankful.

However, things have slowed down a bit and I thought today was as good as any to think about some of the things that made me feel thankful this past week:

  • Friends and family who care for us.
  • My sweet husband who speaks my love language (words of affirmation) – you don’t need two hands for that!
  • Andrew Peterson’s Behold the Lamb of God album.
  • My amazingly talented team at work.
  • Christmas music in general.
  • Plenty of energy to get through the week despite a terrible case of insomnia.
  • Coconut milk eggnog.
  • Time to file some of the out-of-control paper stacks on my desk.
  • Colder weather that kept me from sweating when furbabies slept on my chest all night.

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