Greetings from (Heart)Break Hotel

This has been a very difficult week for The Hayleys.

While out for a short run late Tuesday afternoon, The Boy fell (for the first time ever in his 20+ years of running…unlike his wife, who seems to fall down at the drop of a hat).

He’s covered with scrapes and has a plenitude of bruised and sore muscles. But what’s far worse is his broken right hand. Somehow as he fell, he jammed his right thumb, breaking the bone in two places.

The Boy is right handed. This is not a small matter.

We’ve actually taken to calling this a “devastating injury” around our house. There have been plenty of tears – tears about a marathon perfectly trained for that will now not be run, tears over the pain (both shed by the in-pain one and the one who loves him), tears over the uncertainty of what the next steps in restoration and healing are…and tears just because it seems so darn unfair.

So that’s that.

The Boy will see a hand specialist on Wednesday and, if surgery is required (we assume it is), that will happen on Friday.

In the gracious providence of God, the specialist our orthopedist (originally my ortho, seen for both my shin stress fracture and horribly messed up back a couple of years ago) referred The Boy to is the top of the top in Dallas. We have confidence in her ability to treat The Boy, giving him as much healing and restoration as possible.

And on a completely-but-still-somehow-related note, my crockpot liner broke last night.

It just seems fitting.

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  1. bizarre, i had to see a hand doctor, for fractured fingers, also from a self inflicted accident, in the same week! but it was my left hand.

    hope healing and happiness this holiday season.

    1. Thank you! That is our hope as well – I hope you're healed from your fracture!!! Those are no joke.

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