Hello Kitty: Call the Cat Whisperer

Over the holiday break, we helped our friend J (of Honestly Jules) pick out a furbaby to join her household.
As The Boy told her, picking a kitty is serious business. You have to find one that you know you can love – it’s a very personal decision.
That’s why it’s important to look at all of the kitties, but not be lead astray by cute looks.

Because there are plenty of cute looks – and shameful displays. But you can’t take all of the kitties home unless you want to be the weird cat people.

It’s best to pet them and love on them some. That’s how you can tell if they have fur that you like, personality and so on.

If you’re lucky, the shelter will let you play with the kitty, too. (And you should definitely adopt from a shelter…give a poor kitty a proper home and support your local government at the same time.)

 Eventually, you will pick the right kitty – and the right kitty will pick you.

J’s new kitty (the one playing in the exercise space above) definitely didn’t like being in a box without a view. A touch of the naughty! He’s perfect for J.

And that, my friends, is how you find a new furry friend to make home life much more enjoyable!

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