Insanity Won

We had a houseful of guests this weekend – 3 adults, 3 children under the age of 9. We were dangerously close to having more children than adults.

That is risky business.

We also had a 10 hour round-trip drive for a family wedding, meaning lots of chatting with and hugging on extended family.

Somewhere in there we fit in breakfast with completely-unrelated-to-the-wedding family. All in all, good.

And, we had a bit of insanity.

Insanity is a guest (ahem, your mom) emailing the day before arrival to say:

Wouldn’t it be good to have family Thanksgiving while we’re there?

Rational, reasonable Shannah thought

It would be a terrible idea to try to have Thanksgiving while you’re here.

Insane Shannah emailed back and said


So before hopping in the car for leg one of the 10 hour round-trip drive, I made nearly all of the side dishes and two kinds of pie.

After returning post-wedding, post-family breakfast, post-leg two of the 10 hour round-trip drive, I roasted a turkey and made the remaining of the Thanksgiving dishes.

And…it was good.

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  1. Stacie says: Reply

    Of course it was good. Shannah made it.

  2. Sheryl says: Reply

    You all are CRAZY, but a great family!

    1. Thank you!! We had fun for sure!

  3. It was a WONDERFUL meal!!! And Miss Adella says she is still so grateful you let them stay with you!

    1. And now we've added a Honey-Baked Ham to the leftover mix….mmmmm!

      Adella-bella (and JJ Bear) are loonies.

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