Trolley Time

The Boy and I did something fun last week – we rode a trolley.

Not just any trolley, mind you, we rode the McKinney Avenue Trolley, Dallas’ historic trolley line.

The M-Line stops right outside my office. The Boy and I had a basketball game to attend, but I had a dinner/meeting beforehand so The Boy tagged along. Yes, we could have travelled to the restaurant on foot but I’d never ridden the trolley.

The Boy hadn’t either – as we were about to board he smiled and said This is a bucket list thing for me.

I’m so glad! It was for me, too.

We were lucky enough to ride “Rosie,” one of M-Line’s oldest trolleys. She’s 103 years old! Due to her age, she doesn’t get out and about as often.

Apparently we’re not the only ones who like taking the trolley.

The service, by the way, is free. I can’t believe that it took me 14 years of living in Dallas to finally try it out. I loved it!

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