We Love Coldplay

Coldplay is a polarizing band – I get that. Either you like them or you don’t.

I love the band. I think they are great. I’ve noticed that many people that I like also like Coldplay. Coincidence? I think not.


One of the things I like about the band (outside of their music) is that they are absolute marketing masters. They have perfected the art of engaging their fans. By following the Roadie 42 blog (which I do), you learn how songs are written, albums assembled, tours designed, setlists crafted and the like.

It’s like a ring-side seat to the experience of being a musician, without the requirement of being musically gifted.

I’m trying to figure out how to apply their fan-engagement mastery for my firm’s clients and prospects. I’m not joking.

Anyway, when Coldplay came to town on June 22nd, it didn’t matter that we were leaving on a long roadtrip vacation early the next morning. We were there.

And Coldplay didn’t disappoint. The nearly two-hour set was amazing, while confetti canons, balloons and RFD-controlled wristbands made the audience part of the show.

Thank you, Coldplay, for a great vacation kick-off.

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