Well Rested

Because of the way the holidays fell this year, The Boy and I were able to enjoy a four day weekend.

And enjoy we did! We celebrated Christmas, went for a couple of long(er) runs, cooked up a storm, lazed around with the furbabies, went to bed early and got up late, discovered new stories to add to a personal writing project of mine, got caught up on the most recent season of Dexter, hit the after-Christmas sales and spent time with friends.

The last item was undoubtedly the best part of the four day weekend for us. Not only were we with our besties (which always makes for a fun time), but we spent it at the Dallas Mavericks season opening game. The game itself was a bit of a bummer (not helped by sitting next to the world’s most boorish fans), but the pre-game was amazing: the team raised its championship banner.

It was an emotional and exciting moment. Definitely once-in-a-lifetime – after all, even if the Mavs win another championship, they’ll never raise their first-ever championship banner again.

I had perma-smile all over again, just like I did when we won.

I’d share a video of the banner raising, but the ol’ blog isn’t being very friendly towards my very large video file. Drats.

I suppose this most excellent shot – by the Dallas Morning News, not me (!), will have to do.


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