I finally did something I’ve been dreading on my 101 List: I went to a movie alone.

The Boy and many of my friends think it’s a bit crazy that I avoid – reject to be exact – going to the movies alone. But it’s true. I’ve never been to the movies alone.

Or at least, I hadn’t, before Sunday evening.

I caught a showing of Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris at the discount cinema. Just me. Me, myself and I, and a bunch of strangers, giggling to a truly delightful movie that both celebrates the arts, Paris, language and relationships – a gem of a movie.

I loved it.

The movie, that is. Not going by myself.

But I did have a revelation as to why I don’t like to go to the movies alone. Watching a movie is a shared experience for me. Throughout the film, I kept wishing that The Boy was there to see it with me – I wanted to talk about the film to someone – anyone – afterwards. (I didn’t, though.)

I mean, what do you do with little lessons like ” “Maybe the present is a little unsatisfying because life is a little unsatisfying.”

Wonderful. Just wonderful.

PS – I think I’ll have to watch this again with The Boy. And then maybe with John and Stacie. And then JuJuBe. And with my mom, even though she doesn’t really like Woody Allen or his films. It’s just one of those kinds of movies.

PPS – I really want the soundtrack. {sigh}

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  1. Julie says: Reply

    I'm so excited that you did this one on your list! It may not be for everyone but I'm glad you did it. Totally made my Monday.

  2. Sheryl says: Reply

    You can talk to me about the movie, if you want. I saw it awhile back with my Hubby, not alone. I agree, it's nice to talk about a shared experience.

  3. Julie – thanks for the encouragement to GO. It wasn't nearly as awkward as I feared.

  4. Sheryl – what was your favorite bit? I loved the open acceptance of the "wishing" that we all experience. And such a clever way to address it!

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