How to Get Great Concert Seats

We like country music. Technically, we like many different music styles, one of which is country. And even just writing that seems weird to me because I never liked country music until I married The Boy. And he didn’t like country music until he married me.

Weird indeed.

Anyway, one of the artists that we really enjoy is Brad Paisley. Knowing he was a featured artist, my parents (and sisters) tried to convince The Boy and I to come to Kansas for The Country Stampede – a four-day country music festival. It was expensive. And lasted four days. And required a 16-hour round-trip drive.

We passed. But we were sad about it.

Then we learned that Brad Paisley would be coming to the Dallas-Fort Worth area, playing in a stadium just 30 minutes from our house. We immediately felt better about saying no to the Country Stampede and began making plans to see Brad in Texas.

In the midst of doing pre-ticket sale research, I learned that there was a relatively sure-fire way to get good seats: Join the Brad Paisley Fan Club. I figured that since I was a fan anyway, it was worth the $18 to join the fan club at a basic membership level for an opportunity to purchase tickets several weeks before they went on sale to the general public. As well, fan club members are offered tickets were at a very affordable rate, with no processing fees.

After joining the fan club, I learned that I wouldn’t know what my seats were until we picked them up at the stadium. Other club members assured us that we’d be happy with the seats – usually the first 2-20 rows and close to the stage.

{Why, you might ask, were our tickets not distributed prior to the concert? Simple: so club members wouldn’t profiteer by reselling the seats.}

Tickets were purchased on the first day of club member sales in early June, then we waited and waited until Concert Day arrived…along with 104F weather. Ugh. (Did I mention this was an outdoor concert?!?)

We picked up our seats and saw that we were in Section C, row 2. At first we thought that meant we were in the second row. Whoo-hoo!!! We walked in and took a peek at the stadium seating plan at guest services. They told us that Section C was at the back of the floor section. Not-so-whoo-hoo.

We resigned ourselves to be happy with getting tickets at a good price, even if they weren’t close to the stage. We headed to the floor level, where event workers directed us to our section.

It was, in fact, on the SECOND ROW:

Not only the second row…but also right next to the catwalk:

Blake Shelton!

This is what concert close looks like…that’s Blake Shelton rocking out behind me:

Two hours in and make up already sweated off.

Gratuitous shot of The Boy:

Just because he’s cute.
And too excited to smile much.

Confession: I was really excited to see Blake Shelton up-close-and-personal, but I went completely nuts when Brad Paisley rocked out inches away from me.

I swear: The camera isn’t on zoom.

If you haven’t listened to his music, go straight to iTunes. Do not pass go, do not collect $200. (reference)

Brad played several guitars throughout the concert. This blue sparkly guitar was The Boy’s favorite, so I’m including a photo of it for him:

This one’s for you, babe!

Totally, totally, totally rocking concert.

Moral of the story: Investigate a little before you buy concert tickets. You may end up with the best seats in the house for 1/3 the price of tickets for sale through concert promoters.

Second moral of the story: Brad Paisley is excellent at fan management. That’s the kind of marketing strategy this marketing gal can appreciate!!

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