This Year’s Theme

It appears that the theme for the Hayley’s Christmas 2010 was Let Us Entertain You!

Nearly every gift related to our love of food (cooking utensils), of the furbabies (toys and favorite food), of the Hayley House (decor items) and of entertaining (see below).

Believe me – we are not complaining. In fact, we were overjoyed!!!

From the gorgeous ceramic serving pieces from The Niece (and The Sister-in-Law) that perfectly match our everyday dishes:

To wonderfully aromatic organic hand soaps (sorry…no photo!), to glass display pieces:

To a cupcake stand:

The Hayleys sure are set to party-hearty.

But the show-stopping-all-out-party-topper is:

Hmmm….what do you suppose the Hayleys have in mind for the Hayley Party 2011 dessert extravaganza?!?

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