Should I?

I would be terribly remiss if I didn’t say that great parties require great people to pull them off.
Of course, The Boy and I are great people. That goes without saying.
But so are our dear friends, J and S, and my Baby Sister. Without them, we really would have had a rough time getting everything ready in time. (Particularly with the crazy week we both had leading up to the Hayley Party!) They helped us clean, move furniture, prep food, set up stations, welcome guests and clean up.
It should come as no surprise that great people sometimes have disasters happen. Particularly at midnight when finishing clean up. Yet somehow I was still caught off-guard by an shout from the bar, followed by tired (yet hysterical) laughter. I looked up to see:
The Baby Sister had an epic plastic wrap fail. Plastic wrap+large foil container+unstable surface=

It makes me want to post these photos on Cake Wrecks.

But I won’t. Because it was midnight. And great people have bad things happen to them sometimes. And I want them to help again for Hayley Party 2011.

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  1. Sheryl says: Reply

    Now I understand how you can be a "hostess with the mostest". You import help.

  2. Precisely! It must speak to my marketing skills that I'm able to get this help for free… 🙂

  3. John says: Reply

    The caption for the bottom photo should be "Obey Gravity. It's the law."

  4. The funny thing is that you're not the only person who sent that cartoon to me!

  5. Poor girl.

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