Meet My Nativities: The Oddballs

Despite the best-designed rules of collection, unexpected (and sometimes odd) things slip in.

Folks will purchase a set for you (pewter from Mexico) because they know you have a collection:

Since I don’t walk around sharing my collection rules, the occasional gift now and then is to be expected.

And every now and then you’ll spot a nativity that doesn’t fit your collection rules but you have to get anyway:

Who can resist a nativity featuring VeggieTales?

I’ve shared my collection with you all. Now I’m ready to hear from you.
What do you collect? Do you have any rules for collecting? Share away!

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  1. Re: Veggie Tales Nativity … 1 out of 3 ain't bad?

  2. John says: Reply

    Junk. I collect junk. And dust.

  3. @boncnstr – a girl's gotta have a bit of fun!

    @john – to each, his/her own.

  4. Ed says: Reply

    I used to have collections but we have had to stop for awhile due to space. I collect sets (book sets, movie sets, etc). The rule I have for the book sets is that I MUST read them and love them. Which means normally I borrow a few from the library and get into the series. I had Harry Potter for awhile, Shakespeare's works, then several series from author's I like (Patricia Cornwell, etc.) The movie sets are for movies that we love and watch a lot. We have Robotech's series. We want to purchase the whole series of That 70's Show. There are several others. I have a whole list of the movies & books I would like to purchase or unbox when we have space for it. šŸ™‚

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