Danger, Will Robinson!

I woke up on the grouchy side of the bed this morning. Why? Who knows…perhaps it’s merely because Ben crawled in between the boy and I right when I wanted to cuddle before drifting off to sleep. (Darn that cat.) SO–for those who will be around me, near me, emailing me, thinking about me, or merely sharing the road with me today, please:

  • Drive the speed limit, not 2 mph below.
  • Have your mail ready to drop in the drive-through post box when you drive up to the drive-through post box. (And looking through your purse when there’s a line developing is right out)
  • Don’t let the elevator door close right as I get to it. (Really?!?)
  • Be considerate when you feel you must cough up a lung first thing in the morning. (Ick!)
  • Use common sense when unloading the office dishwasher – if dishes still have food caked on them, don’t put them in the cabinets. (Double ick!)
  • If you ask “Are you busy?” and I say, “Yes,” don’t sit down and tell me about your latest funny story from home/weekend plans/etc.
  • Don’t offer to “fetch and tote” to help me out when you have no idea what my job actually entails.
  • Wait at least 5 minutes after asking me to do something before you ask if I’m finished yet.
  • Don’t send me outrageous political emails (conservative or liberal) without at least having the decency to run it through Snopes to make sure it’s even true. And don’t expect me to do anything other than hit delete even if you have.

Consider yourself warned.

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  1. Ay-yi-yi!!!!

  2. You shoulda stayed in bed!

  3. Kacie says: Reply

    East-West has provided me with a plethora of annoying email forwards (particularly political ones)

  4. Funny! I get hit from both sides of the aisle. Most irritating. I do believe my head *might* explode.

  5. Ed says: Reply

    I went back to bed. I woke up that way though. I am glad your day got better though.

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