Glad I Had a V-8

If you read this blog with any regularity, you know that the boy and I try to find fun and tasty ways to eat healthy. And, of course, we’re frequently at the gym, working on our overall fitness goals.

Even so, there are moments when we all Fall Off The Wagon. Personally, I don’t so much fall off the wagon as I swan dive off. My theory is if you’re going to go astray, you may as well be egregious about it!

So Thursday evening, we headed downtown to one of our favorite Irish pubs, The Idle Rich, for a business event. No evening at the Idle Rich is complete without a fresh pulled pint of European beer and one of their unbelievable burgers.

Kelly went for his usual – a whisky-cheddar-bacon burger. I felt festive and ordered the seasonal special – a Hatch green-chile burger. Cheese, flavor, slightly greasy beef…yum, yum, yum.

Ummm….that is, it was yum Thursday evening. Friday morning, not so much.

The only solution for an evening of greasy and calorie excess is a liquid breakfast of V-8. Instant vegetable transfusion! Purge the system of terrible food choices!!

It must have worked. Saturday morning, Kelly and I both had a fantastic training run. San Antonio Marathon (him) and Half-Marathon (me) here we come!

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