Signs You Work With a Brit

It’s breakfast club day and my good friend brought in homemade hot cross buns. Lovely!

However, when I went in to get my breakfast, I just had to laugh when I saw the note she’d scribbled to the Breakfast Clubbers. It was just so…British!
The circle is mine for emphasis.
And ironically, I had to borrow her camera to take this photo, because mine is still broken!

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  1. Craig says: Reply

    If you get an iPhone, you’d have a camera on you. at all times.


  2. Ed says: Reply

    that means she would break it!

  3. Your comments cut me like a knife!


  4. Lori says: Reply

    Made me chuckle. . .hot cross buns. . .lovely. . .bloody cooker. Yep, made me really smile!

  5. I knew it would make you laugh, Lori!

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