It’s a Must (MUST) See

We have been so busy looking for the perfect Hayley home (32 so far) in addition to regular living, that down time is precious and I just can’t find the effort to type.

But I’ve missed you! So here I am, back again to tell you about a fantastic documentary that I watched at the office, then again with Kelly: Darius Goes West.

It’s a wonderful story about the journey of a young man with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy travelling from his home in Athens, Georgia, to Los Angeles in the hopes of having MTV “pimp” his ride…his wheelchair.

Even though I’m no longer young, I count myself as one who doesn’t really comprehend the work that Jerry Lewis has done over the years for MD. Darius Goes West takes you inside the heart and spirit of one young man, who happens to have MD. If his good nature doesn’t get to you, the love, devotion and serving spirits of his 11 friends will.

This is easily the best documentary I’ve seen since Super Size Me.

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