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  1. But what if we’re a LOT different? Hmmm, what then???? *grin*

  2. I know!

    I told Kelly about the calendar “deep thought” and he said:

    If it was being honest, it should say: You’re different, and that’s bad.

  3. Ed says: Reply

    I like being different

  4. Sheryl says: Reply

    Speaking of different, I’d like to put in a plug for a NAMI (National Allliance on Mental Illness) fundraiser: a black T-shirt with the “House-ism” “Normal’s overrated”. It’s available at this website

  5. That t-shirt is fantastic.

    I may have to get one…or two!

  6. Ed says: Reply

    I LOVE Dr. House. I think I will have to buy a shirt. Now if I could just wear it to work. lol

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