I Wonder Why…

Why is it:

  • When there is only one person at home, both cats want to sit in a lap?
  • That two cats, who don’t like to cuddle, will make it work on your lap?
  • When you have a free evening to do anything, you often end up doing nothing?
  • That you can’t find fava beans anywhere when the newspaper says they are in season?
  • In a world in turmoil, with economic woes and multiple wars, the only thing on the news is a rehashing of the NYC plane crash?
  • That it’s hard to crawl out of bed to drink cup of coffee #1 when you most need cup #1?

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  1. Sheryl says: Reply

    RE fava beans: If you are looking for them to use in Foule Mudammes you need the canned mature beans, not the fresh green ones. An alternative for fresh favas is frozen. They can usually be found frozen at Whole Foods Market.

  2. I was struggling to find the canned version…finally looked at Whole Foods (I’m still shocked they weren’t at my local organic market, but that’s ok.)

    I’m trying Foule Mudammes this coming Friday!

  3. John says: Reply

    Re: cats

    Simple. You’re outnumbered.

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