I am going to be all alone tonight; well, all alone save the constant presence of two very needy kitties.

Kelly has CPE (Continuing Professional Education) today and tomorrow. Thankfully, he’s not traveling far away. He’ll just be in another part of the Metroplex, but far enough away to justify staying overnight in the conference hotel.

And I am bummed out.

I suppose I should be thrilled to be alone. I can get a lot of things done!

  • I can clean the house, go grocery shopping and catch up on filing. Except that sounds a lot like chores, not me-time.
  • Hmmm…maybe I can finish writing copy for my company’s web relaunch. Geesh, that’s work and it’s the weekend.
  • Maybe I’ll watch a girl movie. Except Kelly likes to watch girl movies with me. At least he tells me that he does…if he’s fudging the truth, I’m sure he’s not going to admit it now!

Ok, there’s no other way to say it: I am bummed out that I’m going to be alone.

Last night I was moaning about the situation (a winge, you might say!) and I reminded Kelly that we’d only been apart two nights in all of 2008. That was a vast improvement over 2007, when we were apart for an average of 1.5 nights a month. Me: Honey, I am going to miss you tomorrow night!

Kelly: I know. I’ll miss you, too.
Me: I don’t like it when we’re apart.
Kelly: I know, I don’t either.
Me: I’m really bummed. I already miss you.
Kelly: Yes, it’s very sad.
Me: Did you realize that we’ve only been apart for 2 nights since December 2007?
Kelly: No wonder I’m so weary.

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  1. Ed says: Reply

    rofl. Sorry, can’t get over the conversation part. I love you Shannah. Jeremy and I have 4-5 nights apart a year. And that is when I go to Manhattan for the Riley Co Fair.

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