Dallas Drivers

Driving around Dallas (to White Rock Lake, back from White Rock Lake, leaving Dallas, returning to Dallas) drove me absolutely crazy this weekend.

I am convinced that a majority of drivers in Dallas should have their licenses revoked. In college, I issued Fashion Citations while walking around the Great Fried State (Missouri) now I simply want to issue Traffic Citations while driving around North Texas. Fines to be accompanied by an automatic loss of one’s driving privileges, of course.

My litany of complaints includes:

  • Merging without looking
  • Left-lane bandits (definition: an idiot who will not move out of the left lane, no matter how much slower they are travelling than the rest of traffic)
  • 50 mph on a 60 mph (Dallas speed: 70 mph) interstate
  • Rapidly crossing 3 lanes to make a last-minute exit
  • Turn signals and brakes for 1/2 mile before an intersection
  • Red light runners

Saturday I muttered, somewhat under my breath, about all of these violations while we were trying to get out of town.

Kelly: Are you saying something to me?
Me: No, I’m talking to these idiots.
Kelly: I don’t think they’re listening to you.

As we merged on to I-635, I had had enough. The Hayleys, along with 15 cars full of our fellow frustrated drivers, came to a near-complete stop behind an uncertain driver travelling slow (45 mph) several cars ahead.

Me: Who is the jerk on 635?!?!?!
Kelly (not quite looking at me): I think I know of at least one.

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  1. Ed says: Reply

    wow … and I thought I was the only one who talked to drivers. Jeremy is constantly trying to convince me they can’t hear me.
    How about adding to the list: Knowing that the lane is an exit only but waiting until the last minute to change lanes causing traffic to come to a dead stop.
    Or: Flashing light saying lane closed ahead, merge over. Driver does not heed and waits until almost running into barricade and then speeding up almost taking off your bumper so they can be one car farther forward through the construction zone.
    Those are my two biggest pet peeves.

  2. John says: Reply

    45 mpg… at least they were getting good gas mileage.

  3. Agree with your hate list!

    Good catch, John. No one will know what you’re talking about because I’ve fixed my typo. (And added you to the list…)

  4. Ed says: Reply

    oh we had a bottle neck today because we had gawkers watching a person wait for gas on the side of the road.

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