Wanted: Real Estate Agent

This week we’re interviewing real estate agents to find the one best suited to help the Hayleys make their first home purchase.

We feel like such grown-ups!! (Or at least I do, anyway!)

We’re waited for a long time to purchase a home, which allowed us a more simple overseas move and has given us plenty of time to save for a wise purchase. Who knew that the housing market and the current interest rates would be at a perfect place for our first purchase?!? It truly is a great time to buy a house – especially when you are prepared financially to buy a house.

Speaking of prepared, I like to have my “ducks in a row” before I get too far into a process that is new to me. We’re eager to start house hunting, but we really want to have a good agent that we can trust to do the best job for us. We’re conducting three interviews, based on referrals from a source we trust.

But there was still a nagging question in the back of my mind: What on earth are you supposed to ask a prospective real estate agent when you interview them?

I did a bit of research and developed the following list of questions based on the advice of folks I trust and the National Association of Realtors:

  1. How long have you been licensed as an agent?
  2. Will you work with us personally or will we work with an assistant or associate?
  3. How many homes did you sell last year and for what average price?
  4. What is your typical list-price-to-sales-price ratio?
  5. How many homes have you sold in our target neighborhoods?
  6. How many buyers and sellers are you currently working with?
  7. What are your fee and commission structures?
  8. What guarantees do you offer?
  9. Will you be representing us, the seller, or both?
  10. Can we review documents that we will be asked to sign beforehand?
  11. How can you help us find other professionals?
  12. How can you help us buy the home we want?
  13. How do you plan to meet our needs?
  14. How many homes will we likely see before finding a home we want to buy?
  15. How do you handle multiple offers?
  16. Do you present offers independently?
  17. Why are you better than your competition?
  18. Is there anything we haven’t asked you that we should know?

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