No Snow, But Shuffling For Sure!

There were about 300 insane people out yesterday morning to run the Snowman Shuffle, including the Hayleys.

It was a cold and blustery morning. On the too-long hike the start line, Kelly had very choice words for the wind and had himself convinced that his ears and nose were going to fall off from the cold.

Just a side note – I’d still love him even if he was ear-less and nose-less.

Despite the cold, despite the wind, despite the need to drive to Tyler, Texas, for Hayley family Christmas, we ran our hearts out.

Of course, I got another t-shirt. I think it’s the cutest design yet! (And that, of course, is why I keep running in these things…for cute t-shirts!)

But even better – perhaps even more unbelievably – we both medaled in the race!!! Kelly came in 3rd in his age group. I came in 2nd in my age group. I almost cried when they handed me a medal. I’ve never won a medal before… …not even at field days in elementary school, where the best I ever did was receive a finisher’s ribbon!!

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  1. Wow – that’s great! Congratulations, both of you!

    However, I do seem to remember at least one first place ribbon received at Field Days for the 3-legged race, at which one of your parents excelled, even if the child had to be dragged across the finish line…

  2. Does it really count if your mom carries you through the race? Because if it does, I’m totally hiring a Sherpa to help me win my next medal!

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