This Is Odd

I had the weirdest day at the gym. Make that a weird day in general.

I’m not kidding – and believe it or not, I’m not bragging either: Everywhere I went, people I know told me that I “look great” and that I’ve “really lost a lot of weight.”


Though it seems that the men in my life are able to lose 30 lbs overnight by merely deciding that they need to go on a diet, the last time I checked it takes a very long time for a woman to lose weight.

Did people forget what I looked like over the holidays?

Did the bulge I’ve been battling declare a strategic retreat?

I don’t know, and I don’t care. I’m happy to receive the compliments and it gives me the inner strength I need to Just Say No to Sprinkles Cupcakes in the office kitchen.

My only prayer is that this isn’t a case of history repeating itself. When I was much younger, someone (who shall remain unidentified) asked someone I know (who shall also remain unidentified) who was looking great:

Are you losing weight or just buying bigger pants?

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  1. John says: Reply

    Maybe it’s all of that hard work paying off. Keep up the good work.

  2. Ed says: Reply

    take the compliments and run!

  3. John says: Reply

    Excellent advice. As we know, running burns calories, which leads to further progress.

  4. I’m all about the progress.

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