Shopping After Christmas Is Too Much Fun!

My sister, Tami, and I helped stimulate the U.S. economy Friday morning with some post-Christmas deal shopping.

Birds of a feather flock, and shop, together!The day after Christmas is my favorite time to pick up discounted wrapping paper, decorations and sweets. The deep discounts do make one wonder how much profit retailers are making during the full-price holiday season (the way-too-long October 15th-December 25th).

At Westside Market we found Blueberry Rhubarb jam and cute Christmas ornaments unlike any we’d seen elsewhere.

We picked up wrapping paper, tissue paper, holiday baubles and Hershey’s cherry kisses at Target. (The latter is purely a gift for Kelly’s co-workers at EWMI.)But by far our favorite stop was Pier One Imports. In addition to the fun feather masks that we modeled above (but didn’t buy – it’s hard to find the right outfit to match a feathered mask), I found the best holiday basket!Tami laughed at my excitement over this Christmas tree basket. I couldn’t help it! The basket is too cute! Too fun! Too festive! Too cheap! (How can you beat half price?)My difficulty was in justifying why I needed the basket. Of course it’s cute, fun, festive and cheap, but what good is all of that if you can’t actually use it?So Tami asked me: “Great basket, Shannah. What would you do with it?”I looked at it and thought for a minute. Then I said, albeit a little louder than I meant to:“I can use it for…MUFFINS!”

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  1. Lori says: Reply

    I went to that Westside Market web page and got the recipe for the Cranberry Cream Muffins. . .made them today and they are terrific! I love cranberries and these really hit the spot. Oh, and I had some leftover clotted cream, so I put a dab on top. . .heavenly!

    I have gotten into making muffins lately. . . quick, easy, and they make a great breakfast if I am running late. Thanks!

  2. Yum! I can see I’m going to have to explore their website much more closely!!

    I’ve always loved Westside (and its sister store, Eastside) Market. It’s a slightly funky farmers’ market with some kitchy things thrown in, too.

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