Ode to a Trigger Food

Rice Krispie treat, you are so wonderful.

You have marshmallow. You have Rice Krispies. What’s not too love?

But when you are layered with a thin strip of caramel, you become not of this world. You aren’t just a trigger food.

You are the ultimate trigger food.

A common misguided strategy is to slice a thin strip out of a pan for a quick, low-calorie snack. The error comes in not understanding the ways of the treat.
  1. The treat tells you that one thin strip doesn’t have any calories
  2. The treat knows you can’t eat just one strip.
  3. The treat entices you with its rice-krispiness, its marshmallow-gooeyness, its caramel stretchiness.
  4. The treat tells you that you must have another strip.
  5. The treat knows that you will surreptitiously have strip after another strip until you find all of the calories lurking to attack you when you are most vulnerable – treat in mouth, knife in hand.

My mom absolutely must make a pan of these for me to take back to North Texas.I just need one pan. I swear that’s all I need. I can control my snacking. Really – just give me the pan.Really. Give me the pan and no one in this family will get hurt.

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  1. Ed says: Reply

    you get a whole pan and someone will be hurt! *that is unless I get a pan too*

  2. Put the pan down, Shannah, and slowly back away.

  3. I will only back away if the gooey krispieness is in my hand.

    I was too full for dinner tonight…sad, but true.

    And actually not at all the fault of Rice Krispie treats. I have successfully moderated my indulgences.

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