I Can Hardly Wait for Christmas


We haven’t celebrated Christmas yet, but we sure have had a ton of fun celebrating family so far this holiday break.

Firstly (I’ve always wanted to use that word!), Kelly’s grandmother has improved dramatically. “Dramatically” doesn’t even seem to be an accurate term for what has happened so far. She is awake, talking and was strong enough for surgery. Instead of “final” discussions, we’re all having “next step” discussions. How wonderful is that for a Christmas gift?!

Kelly and I spent Christmas Eve and most of Christmas Day with my grandparents in Wichita. We laughed and told stories for hours (several of which I’m saving to tell here in the days and weeks to come). Making memories!

If you’re spending time with relatives of the correct age, here’s a fantastic conversation starter: What is the difference between what you experienced in the Great Depression and today’s economic difficulties? You will learn so much!

My parents arrived for Christmas lunch and visiting, then we all headed to the homestead. We’ve stacked presents under the tree and surveyed the wonderful assortment of trigger foods my mom has lovingly prepared.

Diet be damned! Running is on hold! (Unless you count running to beat everyone else to the dessert table…)

  • Oh, caramel filled rice krispie treats – I love you!
  • Grandma O’s sugar cookies – I’m too lazy to make you!
  • Squirrels (really swirls, but “squirrels” is a much more fun name) – I love the chocolate/shortbread combination.
  • Russian teacakes – Kelly will let me eat one and then hide away with the rest of the bag.

I suppose we’ll have ham and the fixin’s as well, if I have room, and if I even care. We won’t eat our family Christmas meal until Saturday anyway, so this is truly a case of eating dessert first.

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