Stop Mocking Me

I feel like a hamster in a wheel. Every time I feel that I’m almost caught up, I find that in reality, I’m woefully behind.

Monday we arrived at work only to realize that it was a Dallas Mavericks game night. I ran back home to get our tickets, barely arriving back to the office before it started sleeting. Fun. There’s nothing like driving downtown, and back, in Dallas, in the sleet. Needless to say, even though we left at halftime, it was a very long night.

Tuesday we went straight home from work, pleading weekend running fatigue as our excuse for avoiding the gym. In reality, we needed to make Christmas fudge (and to those who ate it and still don’t believe us: yes, Kelly made the fudge) and two kinds of cookies.

Last night we returned to the gym and were quite late returning home in the evening, courtesy of a heavy fog that paralyzed North Texas drivers. Frustrating.

Even more frustrating as I still had to prepare holiday gifts for my co-workers. I never go overboard, but I do like to spread holiday cheer and good will amongst those I work with day in and day out. There wasn’t a lot of holiday cheer or good will last night!

A dash in the house, clothes rapidly changed, cats fed, gym bags repacked, bread thrown in the oven to accompany dinner, cats tripped over, gifts gathered, cats stroked, lunches packed, cats chased to recover ribbon stolen from the gift wrapping area….on it went.

As I stumbled into bed a few frantic hours later, I glanced over at the nightstand and saw my latest issue of Real Simple. It felt like the cover article was mocking me.

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