I’ve trained months and months for it. I abandoned my old friend, the couch. Now, sneakers laced, iPod charged, and many blisters patched, I feel ready as ever to run a 5k.

Tomorrow morning is my Day of Reckoning. My inflamed ribs and I are taking on the Mayor’s 5k Fun Run at 7.a.m.

Kelly will be there to cheer me on. After all, he’s my #1 fan. It’s too bad he can’t run it with me, but marathon #2 is Sunday – the Dallas White Rock Marathon.

If you’re in the Dallas area, come and give me a cheer! If not, leave me a virtual atta-girl. It’s really important to me to finish.

I want the t-shirt.

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  1. T-Shirts are important motivators. You can’t have the t-shirt unless you run, ride, or otherwise participate in what you advertise on your t-shirt billboard. That’s the rules. So put one foot in front of the other for 5K – you can do it!

  2. Ed says: Reply

    :p Everytime you take a step, think of how white your knuckles were because all I wanted was to wear a shirt! Congrats on running a 5K

  3. Craig says: Reply

    You’re in my prayers, Shannah! God speed!!!

  4. Sheryl says: Reply

    Good luck!!

  5. John says: Reply

    How about a real attagirl? 😉

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