Sick of Being Sick

I really need to winge this morning.

I am tired of not feeling well. (I almost typed “feeling normal.” However, knowing the helpful comments I’d receive about never really having been normal, I quickly corrected my sentence!)

In any case, it seems forever ago…a distant November 21st evening when I realized I had an itchy throat. Itches merged with sniffles into a horrendous incessant cough that plagued me right through Thanksgiving festivities and into holiday week.

By last Thursday evening, I’d finally shaken the worst of it. My cough had died down to a manageable level, easily soothed with copious amounts of water and judicious use of Cepocol.

Then came Friday, December 5th. Pain – oh, Lord – like you wouldn’t believe just as we headed off to my office holiday part. This part was the big party event of the week, one that I was responsible planning and hosting. Not an event that I could miss.

I am opposed to visiting the hospital unless I’m carted there by ambulance or need surgery. Neither of those seemed to be the case, so I spent the weekend wondering. Did I break a rib coughing? Have I developed pneumonia? Is this pleurisy? Or have I simply strained a muscle after two plus weeks of coughing? Thank goodness I’ve not purchased the book I heard reviewed on NPR last week or I might really be half-mad by now.

So I don’t have a stabbing pain now, but I certainly don’t feel comfortable. Honestly, although it’s less uncomfortable now, I’m much more likely to cry about it because I am just sick of being sick.

I think I need a hug. And maybe some stronger drugs.

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  1. Ed says: Reply

    what in tarnation is winge?

  2. Look it up … isn’t that the standard response you’re supposed to get? Wait … is it spelled correctly?

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