Returning to Normal

Sleeping in on a Saturday morning, snuggling and talking until the kitties insist we get up at 8:30…we’re transitioning back to normalcy.

After three cups of coffee and some significant one-on-one time with Bridget, I decided to tackle clean up efforts around the house. While putting things away, I realized that my makeup had spent more time in a portable bag than in its proper home on the bathroom counter. My festive lip gloss left its semi-permanent home in my clutch for the drawer. Pashmina shawls were folded and returned to their hangers. Three pairs of party heels returned to storage.

Even though it’s just Saturday, the hustle and bustle of holiday week already seems to have a bit of distance now that I’ve scrubbed and straightened.

But we still have a festive spirit around here. BeBe and CeCe Winans are crooning holiday tunes and a pile o’ presents awaits wrapping. My grocery list includes all sorts of Christmas goodness: German chocolate, almond bark, nuts, marshmallow creme. The kitchen sparkles in anticipation of the candy and cookie making to come.

We’ve partied. We’ve taken in the concerts. Now we’re ready to nest and celebrate the quieter and homey side of the season – cooking treats, expressing our love and affection for each other and those around us, and reflecting on the spirituality all too often pushed to the side in the pursuit of materialism.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you this Saturday. May you find time and space for a little “normalcy” in the midst of all this season brings.

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