The Music of Christmas

Hands down, my favorite music genre is Christmas. Even though we have a huge collection of Christmas CDs, I would buy a new album (or two or three) every year if I could.

Blame my dad. Each year we’d pick up the newest Happy Holidays! Christmas album from True Value. The album was a compilation of Christmas tunes from a wide variety of artists – country, rock, instrumental, the gamut. I loved those albums. We’d also make sure to purchase the newest Christmas album from Mannheim Steamroller.

I have a few simple rules for the music of the season:

  1. Thou shalt not listen to Christmas music before Thanksgiving
  2. Thou shalt begin the Christmas music season with Michael W. Smith’s Christmas.
  3. Thou shalt put thy Christmas iPod playlist on shuffle.
  4. Thou shalt listen to Christmas music while looking at holiday lights, grocery shopping, present shopping, commuting to and from work, and cleaning the house.
  5. Thou shalt end the Christmas music season with Michael W. Smith’s Christmas.

Even though it pains me to admit it, I do have some favorite Christmas albums.

Please don’t tell the other albums, I don’t want them to be jealous. Really, I love you all! I just have a special fondness for a few.

Christmas by Michael W. Smith

This album starts and ends our holiday music listening season. From the opening notes of The Overture through the gorgeous closing of Silent Night, this album puts you in a deeply reflective and religious mood. Just the right tone for the holiday season.

Behold the Lamb of God by Andrew Peterson

This is actually the only Christmas album I own that I can, and do, listen to all year long. It’s not so much a celebration of Christmas as it is a celebration of God’s overall plan. You’ll well up during Deliver Us and chuckle through Matthew’s Begats on the road to Behold the Lamb of God. This album is lyrical storytelling at its very best.

Christmas Portrait by The Carpenters

I love this album because of Karen Carpenter’s voice. Her version of Ave Maria is my absolute favorite. And listening to this album will always remind me of my mom.

What are your favorite Christmas albums?

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  1. That’s because Carpenters Christmas Portrait is the ultimate in Christmas music. Karen’s singing, Richard’s arranging … what’s not to love?

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