It’s Not Just the Economy – It’s Sanity

What happens when you take 15 people, scattered around the 2nd largest state in America and throw them together for holidays? Madness, that’s what it is.

This year the down economy has given us all a reason to bring a spirit of parsimony to the annual Hayley Holiday Get-Together in late December.

The adults have drawn names for our Christmas gift exchange. All children – young adults – under age 18 will receive a stocking-stuffer gift. Over 18s are deemed an adult and are in the drawing.

What a relief this is in a crazy year that not requires watching the budget but also a year where I’ve done absolutely no advance gift shopping. Maybe I will survive the holiday shopping (c)rush after all!

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  1. Ed says: Reply

    The Birdwell side of the family has done something similar for years. All kids 18 and under draw each other's names, adults shop for their own kids but not other kids. All adults draw each other's names. Jeremy & I still get something for his mom & dad every year but we just give it to them before or after the party.

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