Mr and Mrs Hayley, Please Report to the Principal’s Office

We had a call from our pastor a couple of weeks ago, asking us to get together for a quick meeting at some point in the near future. A quick glance at our overly full calendar gave us one open evening, so we agreed to meet at our local Starbucks last Monday.

I am an organized person. I am a task-list, agenda-driven person.
I had no idea what this meeting was going to be about and it nearly drove me crazy. I finally told Kelly that I felt like we’d received a note to come to the Principal’s office. What would happen on the other side of the door? Was I going to be disciplined? Was I going to get a gold star? Was it progress report time? Who knew?
In reality, it wasn’t a big deal at all. We’d just not had a time to sit down with our pastor and talk about the series of emotionally and spiritually trying events of the past four years. He wanted to know what had happened to us and how we were dealing with everything. It really was a wonderful thing to sit and talk about it all. Well, we talked, he listened.
I’m not sure what was most meaningful to me: that our pastor simply listened and affirmed us, or that we were able to talk about everything that happened, finally, without feeling angry or emotional.

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