I’m Tired but Oh, So Happy!

I stayed out way past my bedtime last night and I don’t care. We went to see Coldplay‘s Viva la Vida tour in Dallas.

But we didn’t just experience the concert. We were immersed. 7th row, center section. There’s nothing like it!!!

I told Kelly before the concert started that I felt like a teenage girl – so excited that I was just a bundle of energy and emotion. That feeling never let up during the nearly 2-hour show.
Coldplay in concert is simply amazing – talented songwriters, multi-talented musicians. Am I really seeing this? The drummer plays guitar and sings? The bass player on percussion? The lead singer on guitar, then piano, then harmonica? Stop the uber-cool madness!!!

I would tell you more about the concert, but I’m still in recovery mode. I think I’m going to have to listen to Coldplay on my iPod all day!

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