I Love Candles – But I Have Cats

Ben and Bridget have radically changed our lives. When you combine Bridget’s busy paws combined with Ben’s busy chasing of Bridget you get scattered papers, knocked down books and all sorts of miscellaneous house damage.The weather has finally cooled in Dallas, turning my thoughts to things that make me feel warm and cosy – candles.With the naughty beasts continually romping about, I’ve been reluctant to engage in my former habit of lighting the house with candles. Yet I still want the comfort of wandering through the house and seeing warm, flickering candlelight.Then I learned about flameless candles. Wow!The best I’ve found are made by Candle Impressions. You want a candle that turns off automatically so you can fall asleep to candlelight? They have it. Pillers? Yep. Wall sconces? Definitely. Tealights? Of course!Another great source is Pier One. I stopped in and bought 4 flameless tealights for $5 this week. My votive holders have never looked more beautiful.

It’s all very exciting. I’m still going to have my favorite Yankee Candle and Tyler Candle Company candles in the living room (you can’t beat the great scent). But in those more out-of-the-way spots in the house, it’s flameless all the way.

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