When You Care Enough to Give the Best

Happy Election Day! (Finally!)

Lord knows this election cycle has gone on forever and everyone I know seems to have very strong opinions about what we should do as a country, while not necessarily knowing who to vote for in order to make those things happen. Despite feeling exhausted by the constant political smog, I am very pleased to see people caring about things beyond themselves and their next purchase.
I’ve said it before: Voting is important. Don’t just have an opinion. State your opinion by taking time out of your day to cast a vote.
The politicians I support might not be elected. The politicians you support might not be elected. I can promise you – we’ll all get over it.
So I’m not saying any more about that – you know what I think. Go vote. You have all day to make it happen.
And because we live in the US, the land of the free (and the free handout), some of our favorite retailers have found a way to reward good behavior (beyond tattoo removal specials). Check these out:

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  1. Ed says: Reply

    we have a place here in KC giving away a free body piercing!

  2. That’s too much!!

  3. Ed says: Reply

    I think Rock The Vote has gone a LITTLE extreme in the KC area. There is a HUGE concert tonight that I have to miss (mainly cause I didn’t have the money) but there was also a HUGE FREE concert about a month ago with big names to get people registered to vote. It is just absolutely huge here in the KC metro. Maybe because we have the bi-partisan relationships?

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