Other Than Voting, It’s Out of Your Control

As American citizens, we have the right to vote. I’m also thankful our nation supports free speech. However, I strongly believe that if you want to complain about our current leaders, you should at least have the decency to vote.

Here’s your most critical choice for 2008: Participate in the process or be a bump on a pickle.

Once voting is over and done with, there’s nothing much else we can do. I’m going to follow the Biblical mandate to pray for our leaders, regardless of who those leaders are. My candidates may win or lose, but I still live here and want to be governed well.

Fortunately for us, we have a circle of friends who believes likewise. Even better, they had the good sense to plan an election watch party. What a great idea!

The wording on their invitation is too cute not to share:

Hi friends,

D usually is up very late on election nights, so we thought this year would be a great time to make it a party… an election night 2008 party! And, YOU are invited!

We will have fun games including ping pong, Presidential trivia (to test knowledge), Poker (to test economic acumen) and other fun stuff. Teams for games will be based on who you voted for – Republican, Democrat or Other (Yes, Other!! I’m (D) looking for a strong Other team for poker, so please help me out… it’s not throwing your vote away if it means you’ll be on my poker team! Seriously.).

Since we’ll have all political stripes represented, this will be a political mixer, of sorts. Because of this, we do have one rule, though: it is okay if you have strongly held beliefs or strongly support a particular candidate, BUT we are asking (requiring) everyone to not be one of those people who feel compelled to strongly express or convey those beliefs or positions, i.e. in an argumentative or demeaning manner. Here is a hint that you fit into this category: You frequently begin conversations about the election with … ”anyone who votes for Candidate A is a complete idiot.” So, if you can’t be social in your politics, please stay home and enjoy the night with your preferred party-leaning news network J. We definitely will still love you if you fit into this category, but we want this to be a fun and social night for everyone.

Anyway, if you can make it please let us know and here are the details:

Tuesday, November 4, 7:00 pm, but come when you can…it will likely be a late night
We’ll provide chili and the related toppings, feel free to bring other snacks/drinks.
Also, if you want to have a drink to celebrate your candidate’s victory or drown your sorrow a bit, bring that too. (D will have a bottle of champagne on ice just in case Ron Paul pulls out an upset.)

Hope you can make it… it should be FUN!

We agree – this should be a fun evening and an enjoyable way to wrap up a too-long campaign season. Thanks for inviting us!!

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