I’ve Always Wanted a Tattoo…But Maybe Not

Call it the wild child in me, but I have always wanted a tattoo.

I’ve not thought of doing anything too out there, just a simple Celtic trinity knot. I’ve even have it put somewhere out of the way, so not everyone could see it.

Before I could get the tattoo of my dreams, I met my husband and he quickly put a damper on the entire idea.

Why would you want a tattoo?
Because they’re neat!
You’re neat without one.
But I think they look cool.
Have you thought about what they’ll look like when you’re old and wrinkly?
I want to get it put somewhere out of the way, so not everyone can see it.
Then what’s the point of having a tattoo?

So here I am, 10 years later, still without a tattoo. And you know what? I’m actually glad for that. I’ve found I get bored very easily. I’d hate to be stuck with a tattoo after the initial love for it has gone.
Here’s the weird thing: the other week I received an email from a marketing person at a tattoo removal shop. They are offering a post-election tattoo removal special.
  • My first thought – what an interesting idea.
  • My second thought – why contact me? I’m not known for my sleeves or tramp stamp.
  • My third thought – hey, I’m in marketing as well. It’s a tough business.
  • My fourth thought – this would make for an interesting blog post!

It’s elementary. If you have made any of these cardinal sins of tattooing…
  1. A stupidly funny tattoo that’s only stupidly funny when drunk
  2. Professed love for a product
  3. Used a language that you don’t speak because the characters are cool
  4. Tattooed someones name – be it a boy/girlfriend, best friend or candidate

…then you need to consider removing it. And quickly, before your grandchildren have a chance to see it.
If you’re in Dallas, here’s what you can do:
New Look Laser Tattoo Removal is offering a free consultation and free first treatment to anybody who comes in on Nov 4th with their “I Voted” sticker, their voter registration card, or who will gives their word that they have voted. Since this election is all about change, they decided to promote change too by offering people an opportunity to begin getting rid of their unwanted tattoos.
And next time you have the burning desire to get a tattoo, take the edge off with a much more fun approach: henna! Looks great and doesn’t last forever.

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  1. Ed says: Reply

    I LOVE Henna tattoos … and those stupid temporary tattoos. I too get bored quickly and like things I can change at a moment’s notice. Maybe that is why I was diagnosed crazy. lol

  2. I like them, too. We went to a very fun party a few years ago that had a henna artist there as part of the overall activities. All of my girlfriends and I got henna on our hands.

    I was ready for it to be off 4 days later, though…

  3. John says: Reply

    One of my brothers made the mistake of having his (EX) wife’s name tattooed on his forearm. He has since remarried, and now has a really nice looking, very large lizard on his forearm.

    I wonder if that was in any way a statement about the ex….

  4. Wow – a lizard, eh?

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