Call of the Wild

Getting laundry done around our house is always a battle, but not for the reasons you might think.

Sure, we’re busy folks. Making time is a challenge. And yes, we hit the gym 3-5 times a week. Workout clothes can pile up. However, we’ve lived through packing our entire life into a crate (twice). We’re not ones to accumulate a bunch of stuff, particularly clothes.

Our laundry struggles center around a little black furry girl, who makes a beeline to the linen pile as soon as I pull it from the dryer. Not content to look, or simple sniff, Bridget digs a hole and settles down for a long nap.

Every time.

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  1. I love freshly laundered clothes, warm from the dryer. And, when Anthony was little, I had similar challenges with him. He frequently crawled into to the laundry basket of clothes I was attempting to fold. It was only somewhat aggravating when he chose to climb, instead, into the basket of folded laundry … and commenced unfolding everything. 🙂

  2. Lori says: Reply

    Cappuccino, my precious cat that I had when I lived in Texas, used to do the same thing. I always did my laundry on Thursday night – during commercial breaks while watching Survivor – that was bonus information.

    Anyway, Cappuccino used to bury herself under the CLEAN warm clothes for a short nap – she would sleep until the clothes were no longer warm – or until I decided that I wanted to get the clothes put away and the bed made.

  3. Mel – sounds like what my sisters would do with newly folded dish towels. Step one: pull open the kitchen drawer that held the towels. Step two: have fun unfolding and tossing them around the kitchen!

  4. Lori – why am I not surprised that you had a cat named Cappuccino?? 🙂

    They are naughty beasts, sleeping just long enough to wrinkle the laundry.

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