Confessions of a Beauty Flunkie

I consider myself to be a smart woman. I know a lot about a variety of things and my brain has stored more than its fair share of random trivia, too. However, there is one area of life where I am completely lacking. Let’s call it Beauty Intelligence. 

What do I know about the latest look for face and hair? Nothing. My arsenal of beauty tips and tricks? Empty. Awareness of fashion trends? Nope. Clued in to the best products for my skin type? Ummm….no. And what’s my skin type anyway?
That’s right. I’m not a beauty junkie. I’m a beauty flunkie.
But I know that everyone can, and should, continue to learn and grow as long as there is still breath left in the body. So I’ve developed a plan to improve my knowledge of All Things Beauty Related, and perhaps, to improve my appearance some as well!
I’ve been reading In Style, People’s Style Watch, and Real Simple. Online I’m reading Daily Candy, various blogs and reviews. I had no idea that being beautiful really is work. 
I hereby recant everything I’ve ever said about empty-headed beautiful people. After all, they know exactly which product to put on their particular hair type to make it shiny, not greasy, and smooth. That’s not easy – I now know there are about 20 different products (at least) to sort through to get the right one.
I know I still have a lot to learn, though. This morning was a train wreck. 
I’m experimenting with this year’s Natural Eye make-up trend. Steps:
  1. Neutral shade on lid
  2. Lighter shade beneath the brow
  3. Brown eyeliner lightly applied close to the lash line on the upper lid only
  4. Mascara 
As the great Chef Tell would say, “Very simple, very easy.” 
Apparently not so for me. What did I do first this morning? Put on mascara. 
Can someone please tell me what I should have done next? I just soldiered on, making the best of things. 
Someone should write a book for beauty flunkies like me!

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