How Can It Be Bad if It Tastes So Good?

I am deeply involved in a love affair with Starbucks.

I think there is a perfect Starbucks beverage for every moment in life:

  • Slow morning with the newspaper – French Roast with light sugar and steamed milk
  • Bad day at the office and I need a break – skinny hazelnut latte
  • It’s freezing outside – caramel macchiato
  • Let’s go look at holiday lights – peppermint mocha
  • Not enough sleep and forgot to brew at home – triple shot latte, no sugar
  • Girfriend get together and chat – Tazo passion shaken tea
  • I promise not to eat dessert later – mocha frappuccino
Today I went on a mid-day, back from vacation and not yet able to focus 24/7 on work, coffee break while also out on a business errand. I had a coupon from Starbucks (shocking, actually) to try the new iced brewed coffee. It’s pretty much just coffee over ice, with a little sweetener made of simple syrup.
The verdict?

  • It’s a long day at the office but too hot to drink coffee – iced brewed coffee

Is Starbucks the evil coffee empire, knocking the little coffee shop out of business? Perhaps. However, when I travel I know that I’ll get consistent quality at a Starbucks. I know what to expect in taste. I know how to order and get what I want. These are important things to me.

I like our local small coffee shop as well and love to give them business. If they would set up a branch right by my office, I’ll stop in there as well. But until then, it’s Starbucks for me!

This was taped to our office coffee machine when I got to work this morning:

I’m sold on it! By the way, my company proudly brews Starbucks: House Blend, Sumatra and decaf.

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  1. Craig says: Reply

    I’ve been a coffee nut since the olden days of college, staying up most nights til 2 or 3 programming away. But Starbucks has always been too strong for me. It tastes like mud.

    I’m an old Folgers guy (queue song – “the best part of waking up is Folgers in your cuuuup” – thank you, thank you).


    BTW – you have a fun blog. Your writing lightens my day.

    When I do get around to Starbucks (once every month or two), I order the same sad thing every time – vanilla latte. It’s a good sugar rush!

  2. Lori says: Reply

    Just one more reason why I LOVE Shannah!!!

    A friend sent me two jumbo bags of StarBucks today.

    I am suppose to give one bag to a co-worker. . .hmmmmmmm. . .like that is going to happen!?!?!?

  3. KMAN says: Reply

    I believe that the tree is the middle of the garden of Eden that contained the knowledge of good and evil was really a tree that grew coffee beans.

    Not sure that has any meaning at all – just random thoughts…

  4. You know, I never even drank coffee until I got married. A certain guy (we’ll call him KMAN) said, “Coffee is a social drink.”

    Since then, I’ve gone from warm milk with heavy sugar and light coffee to a full-blown addiction!

    The stronger, the better, as long as it’s not bitter!

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