I was starting to write this morning and have been pulled off track. I love writing, but I love my morning interruptions more.

  • Ben is sitting on my lap, pressing his body against mine and has his nose touching my chin. It seems to me there’s no better way to communicate that you want to be close! We tell him he’s a gross love-boy all the time, but it doesn’t help. (Don’t tell him this – I love that he wants love!)
  • Bridget stopped the posting before I’d even started because she had to go outside, had to go outside, had to go outside!!!! She’s our brave warrior, our neighborhood watcher, our self-appointed protector of the family and disciplinarian of Ben.
  • The clock just struck 5:10. It’s the magic moment when our new coffeepot springs to life and nectar from heaven starts pouring out. The smell wafts through the air and reminds every nerve ending that what they really need to get going is a sip of that wondrous beverage.

Gotta go! Maybe I’ll be able to type my real post sometime later today!!

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