When Life is Like an Episode of Friends

I’ve often said that the reason Friends was such a successful show is that it accentuates things that can, and do, happen in real life. Comedy, after all, is primarily funny because it pokes us in areas where we can relate.

Yesterday I had a very Friends moment after work. We were in the car, in the rain, on the way to the gym, on a Monday. Kelly was pretty damp after getting caught while walking (in the rain) to meet me at my office.Let’s get this straight: I didn’t want to go to the gym.

Me: “Hey, babe. You’re pretty wet! I’m sorry you got caught in the rain. Just tell me if you’d rather go home than to the gym. It’s no big deal.”

Kelly: “Ok.”

2 miles later

Me: “Remember, you just have to say ‘Home’ or ‘Gym’ and I’ll steer the car appropriately.”

Kelly: “Ok.”

1 mile later

Kelly: “I’m still deciding between home and gym.”

Me: “We’re getting close. You’ll have to decide soon.”

On the access road to the gym

Kelly: “I might have decided to go home, why are we driving towards the gym?”

Me: “When no decision is made, you go to the default plan – which is to go to the gym.”

Kelly: “Who made that the default plan?”

Me: “It’s not too late to tell me that you’d rather go home.”

Parking at the gym

Kelly: “Well, I guess we’re going to the gym.”

Me: “I didn’t want to go to the gym!”

Kelly: “Then why did you drive here?”

Me: “You were supposed to know that I didn’t want to come. Didn’t you learn anything during the marriage conference this weekend?”

Kelly: “They didn’t offer a class on mind reading. Why didn’t you want to go to the gym? You live for the gym!”

Me: “I don’t live for the gym! I hate the gym! I want to quit the gym!!“Ah – there you have it. Yet another moment of life that reflects a Friends episode. And just like Chandler, my Ross (Kelly) is of absolutely no help in my efforts to avoid the gym.What’s your favorite “Life Meets Friends” moment?

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  1. KMAN says: Reply

    But then you would feel guilty for quiting the gym just as your hubby (me) began to get muscles and you began looking like Jessica Simpson (isn’t she a cartoon character? Bart’s sister, right?)

    Besides-if I encourage that we do not go to the gym-then I get blamed for our lazyness. No siree bob. I do not want to be the reason we get fat and unhappy! I wanna eat good and workout and play good (almost typed play god-wow, what a freudian slip!!)

    That is why you wanted me to decide – you were trying to take the easy way out in your role of denial. The truth is you love the gym. You love to sweat and smell the sweat of strangers. You love picking up weights that other people just touched. Especially in light of the fact that if you picked up the remote control of their lives and hit reverse you would see they did not wash their hands after using the restroom. You love that.

    You also love seeing people looking at their muscles in the mirrors and seeing the mirrors crack in fear. Knowing they are on steroids does not diminish the envy for the girls there who you KNOW could beat up your husband.

    It is fun to go to the gym and know you pay that money every month-and they never repair the front door.

    Yeah. You love the gym.

  2. KMAN says: Reply

    Oh yeah – I almost forgot. You also love the suspense of wondering whether or not the car will have all of its windows when we come out from our workout.

    It was a lottery pick for a while-but with better odds. About 2 vehicles a week broken into. You also love that your fees for the gym do not cover security cameras of any sort!

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