When Did This Become a Trend?

I think I am a curmudgeon. At the very least, I’m becoming out of touch.

You see, I read the celeb rags;well, I glance at People and am faithful to eonline.com. I’ve noticed a trend that I just don’t get – the combo name. Brangelina, Beniffer, Jacket (from Lost), and on it goes. Am I crazy here or is this the dumbest thing ever?

It makes me think that Kelly and I should have our own nickname. After all, if a celebrity couple (or tv fictional couple) can have a nickname after 9 seconds together, surely we should have one after 9 years together.

What do you think? Are we:

  • Shelly
  • Shally
  • Kennah
  • Kallah

Hard to say. Some of these are even as catchy as the pen name I was thinking of taking on when writing my behind-the-scenes “not based on real events” look at life in my profession.

I would tell you my proposed pen name, but then you’d know it was me when my book reaches the top spot on the NY Times Bestsellers List.

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  1. Definitely a curmudgeon. The new Andy Rooney?

  2. I like to think I’m better looking than Andy Rooney.

  3. Ed says: Reply

    I think you should go with Shally! lol

    You also have Schnelly (go by sound not spell), which I think is cool

  4. Hmm. Shaelly? (SHAnnah, kELLY, pronounced Shay-Ley?) It works for me…

    And you’re far too beautiful to be considered curmudgeonly.

  5. You’re so sweet, Stacie!!! I was given (via email) ones pronounced the same as your suggestion, but spelled differently.

    Maybe I just need to focus on getting famous before I worry about my nickname. 🙂

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