Purring is Not Part of the Morning Routine

We (I) have a morning routine: alarm sounds at 5:01 am. I either:

  1. lay in bed trying to decide what day it is, what I’m going to wear and hoping I don’t fall back asleep, or
  2. jump out of bed.
This morning, I opted for #1. Bridget, however, thought I should have selected #2. She was obnoxious. Purring in my ear, purring while collapsing on my arm, kneading my belly…just shamefully insistent.

I need to get rid of the cats so I can get in my snooze time when I want it. Why don’t they ever bother Kelly in the morning?

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  1. Ed says: Reply

    because you, my dear, are the sucker. Same reason Johnny pesters me in the morning and not Jer!

  2. I’ve been told I spoil them way too much. But I don’t think Ben would agree while I’m giving him his morning mouthwash!

  3. Ed says: Reply

    ha ha ha! Better that then the vet bill to pay for teeth cleaning. Johnny lets me brush his teeth 3x a week. I try to do it more but I completely forget about it.

  4. Because you are the one with the treeeeeeeeats! 😉

  5. It’s the kitty version of:

    Are you up?
    Are you up now?
    Oh, well, I see that you’re up now, so how about some treats? And petting? And food in the food bowl? And I really need to go outside!

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