Click Your Heels and You Can Go Home Again (For a While)

My feet are killing me, but I’ve had a great afternoon. Kelly and I walked Manhattan’s Linear Trail from my parents’ house to do some sight-seeing and revisiting memories.

The Linear Trail is beautiful. If I lived full-time in Manhattan, I’d want to do my long Saturday workouts on the trail, either walking, jogging or biking. It’s quiet, shady and a bit of nature in the midst of a bustling town.

Our first stop was Sunset Zoo. I worked at the zoo as a Junior Zookeeper for many years and have great memories from my time there. We arrived too late to sit and stare at animals (something we would have liked to do), but we did walk through the whole zoo and I was able to point out what all I did, what used to be where and say hello to some old (VERY old) animal friends that are still living there.

Our second stop was just next door at Sunset Cemetery. Tiger Woods’ father, Earl Woods, is buried there. Finding his grave was important for us, and became a major project four-trip project involving us, my dad and the cemetery’s caretaker. However, this last trip was successful (thanks to some great descriptive directions) and we were able to snap some photos. I also found the grave of one of my favorite high school teachers.

From the cemetery, we took the long route home, past the hospital where I was born, past my first pediatrician’s office, along my old bike path, up the route I walked home from elementary school (hooray Marlatt Mustangs!) and on to my parents’ in time for dinner.

My feet are exhausted after that 6-mile or so jaunt. But I am happy.

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  1. Ed says: Reply

    doesn’t it sometimes make you want to move back? Not that I would, but when I do the memory treks and visit old sites, it makes me miss the little town.

  2. Yes it does at times.

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