This Is a First, But Probably Not a Last

It’s rapidly approaching 9 pm and I’m still working – at least I’m at home. Thank goodness for high-speed internet and VPN.

What frustrates me isn’t the late night, though I don’t like it (kind of defeats the purpose of trying to maximize rest this week). What’s irritating is that it’s the night before Cake Day at Kelly’s office, it’s his turn to bring cake and I have to work late.

I’ve always considered office food-bringing to be somewhat of a competitive sport. It’s an opportunity to be wifely, providing good food for my and my husband’s colleagues.

Not tomorrow.

For the first time that I can remember, I bought a cake. Technically, since Kelly’s taking two cakes to the office, I’m not a complete poser. I did make a cake. A simple chocolate cake with frosting. I pressed some chopped pecans on the sides to make it look fancier, but it’s still just a Duncan Hines (Add water! Add oil! Add eggs! Mix! Bake!) cake with Duncan Hines frosting.

I bought a much more complicated cake – a Boston Cream Pie (yes, it really is a cake.) What makes me feel guilty is that:

  1. I bought the cake.
  2. It was a special request by one of Kelly’s colleagues, and
  3. I didn’t make it from scratch.

So, sitting in the refrigerator is a feeling-inadequate cake for Cake Day.

It’s a first for me, but somehow I think it’s probably not the last time it will happen.

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  1. John says: Reply

    I like cake.
    Make your husband make his own cake… problem solved.

    Do you even see these comments?

  2. I totally see these comments. πŸ™‚

    Just have been on vacation…

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