At The End of the Day

Yesterday I glanced out the guestroom window and saw police officers congregating outside the apartment building across the parking lot from us. A year and 10 days ago, the very same thing happened at our apartment building. We knew what we were seeing.

Apparently, an older gentleman, living alone, died at least two weeks ago. The discovery was made after a neighbor finally called police to investigate a strange odor that had permeated her apartment.

Two weeks.

I couldn’t help but wonder where his family or friends were. Why hadn’t anyone tried to reach him by phone and checked on him earlier? Why was he alone?

The situation reminds me that at the end of the day, our lives have meaning through our relationships.

Working hard, day in-day out, can leave me with a desire to retreat, hermit-like, into my home life. While I know what I do for my company is important, the connections I have with my friends, family and faith are what really matters.

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