Joy List

A good friend emailed the other day to remind us of the importance of looking for joy in our daily lives. What a great idea!!!

I get so busy with working, being a wife, looking for new recipes, running errands, going to the gym and a host of other “ings” that I start griping about what I don’t have time to do – as if I had energy to do those things anyway. I’m also not exactly focusing on what brings me joy.

So here it is: my Joy List for the day.

1. Looking over the family budget this morning and discovering that we truly are saving money by participating in our organic fruit and vegetable coop.

2. Listening to Phil Keaggy’s master guitar work after replacing our car’s sound system, that I’d never heard in such rich detail before because our old speakers were so bad.

3. Kelly resting his hand on my leg while we drive home from work. There is more to carpooling than saving gasoline.

4. Developing new skills while helping my brother-in-law set up his company’s website.

5. Petting a kitty lying beside me, with an exposed belly, last night only to discover that the kitty was our normally standoff-ish female. It makes all of those long days of taming a half-wild adopted British female worth it for the late night snuggle and signs of complete trust.

6. Receiving yet another email from a long-lost friend via this blog or LinkedIn.

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